We did it! We bid farewell to 2🦠2 🦠 and welcomed  2🦠2💉—likely with more hope and fervor than any new year 🎉 ever! Yet, with as much of a 🚂wreck as 2🦠2 🦠 was, in so many ways, we were forced to look back over the year in order to publish the historic record of the Foundation’s accomplishments–our 2019-2020 Punctuation Annual Report. Ironically, what we discovered was the opposite of a 🚂wreck, it was more like the result of a successful 💪workout!

With just 26 letters and a handful of profound punctuation (⁉❣❗), we were able to highlight our important work along with a myriad of successes that the Foundation had—thanks to both our Board of Directors and our donors.

If you’ve glanced at the cover, I know what you’re thinking 🧠. Who would ever choose punctuation as the theme for their Annual Report? But, we knew, with a super heavy year like 2🦠2🦠 that we wanted to add some levity, bring a smile, and spread some fun-filled joy!  Punctuation.  The word itself comes from the  Latin word punctuare which means “making a point.” And that is what this Annual Report is all about:  making a point about donors, grantmaking, community leadership, and the tremendous impact that generosity can have on a community.

In these 36 fact-filled pages 📃, you’ll find that 2🦠2🦠 was a year where our donors really stepped up to the plate to help us leverage our grantmaking to help others. You’ll notice that we were able to launch 12 straight weeks of Rapid-Response grants to help our local nonprofits in the heat of COVID-19 🦠. You’ll find that new tools 🛠, like Impact Investing, were launched 🚀as a way to use our endowment to create both a financial and social ROI through our new Bridge the Gap loan program partnership with Afena Federal Credit Union. Not only that, but you’ll notice that we had three wildly successful matching grant campaigns 💵 and two victorious 🥇 Lilly Endowment Inc. grant awards.

Take some time ⌚to peruse the pages of this report for yourself and discover how, even in a really rough year like 2🦠2🦠, the Community Foundation family stepped up to help those in need.

And, sincerely, during this completely fictional, yet much-needed, celebratory month of Thankuary, please accept my heartfelt 💕gratitude for your generosity. Grant County would be markedly different without you!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2🦠2💉

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