The Real McCoy

By Dawn Brown

The Real McCoy

Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice granola, pumpkin spice cheesecake, pumpkin spice muffins, pumpkin spice pancakes, etc. Tis the season, right? It’s officially fall and we love the taste of fall!

The other thing I absolutely love about this time of year is the chill in the air. Even though you see your breath in the morning and wonder why you wore that turtleneck by 3:00 each afternoon, it’s simply beautiful in Indiana right now.

And, while I haven’t experienced it yet this year—emphasis on yet—I really do get so excited about finding a random $10 bucks in a coat pocket from last year. Why does is seem like a year-old $20 bill found in the jeans I haven’t worn since last winter feels more valuable than a normal $20? Technically, I could buy a pumpkin spice latte at Starbys with a new $20 in my purse but buying one with an old $20 found in a pocket just feels more special–Like that specific $20 was verified on Twitter or something!

Do you all know about verifications on Twitter and other social media platforms? A blue checkmark is used to verify high profile users as authentic. So, when you see a blue checkmark next to someone’s name it means they really are the famous, noteworthy, or important person that they say they are. The real McCoy.

While we have never taken that concept down to a local level, if there ever were a time to do so, it would be now. May I introduce our version of the blue checkmark to all you generous Community Foundation of Grant County donors?

In math, a square root refers to a number that multiplies itself to get another number. For example, 4 X 4 = 16, so the Square Root of 16 = 4. It’s kind of how donations work at the Community Foundation. Whether you realize it or not, every donation given to us has a multiplied value, much more than the face value of the donation itself. Therefore, those who deserve this icon by their name are Verified Generous.

You see, we’re in the Endowment Business. That means that every donation given through a community foundation is invested for multiplied growth. You give the donation, we grow it—that’s where the multiplied value comes in—and then we use a portion of that growth to make grants to the causes that you care about the most. Give-Grow-Grant!

As you may recall, August 20th was our 38th birthday. We took that opportunity to celebrate this year with a $1 for $1 match to all donations made to a Give To Grant Endowed Fund in both August and September. We set a goal to raise $138,000 and then began talking to people like you. We were overwhelmed by the support and the hundreds of donors who participated and are officially Verified Generous in our book. The Real McCoys! Thanks to an abundance of generosity, we not only met, but we exceeded our goal by raising, with the match, $333,040! Truly remarkable!

And as I said above, we’ll continue to grow those funds, and use them to make grants to our nonprofit community through our Grant Application process. Each year, we must decline some worthy grant requests simply because our grantmaking funds become depleted. Thanks to these birthday-celebrating, generous Verified Donors, we’ll be able to say ‘Yes’ to more of these worthy nonprofit applicants and help them help many others in our Grant County community.

Let this blog serve as a ginormous thank you to all donors who contributed to our Birthday Match this year. We simply could not do the work we do without your support and generosity—and we feel the love.

My wish for you is that you find more in your coat pocket this chilly fall than Chapstick and a packet of Kleenex. You deserve it! If you’re lucky enough to find one of those Verified $20 dollar bills, by all means, go treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte at your favorite coffee spot. The warmth that you’ll feel in the first sip is like that warmth you feel inside when you give to others. It’s the warm fuzzies. Both hot lattes and being Verified Generous warms the cockles of your heart. We hope you keep that feeling now, throughout the holiday season, and all the way through to your end-of-year giving plans. We simply cannot do the work we do in Grant County without you and many other in our community who are Verified Charitable. You, my friend, are The Real McCoy!



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