The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

The other day I was at a local coffee shop waiting for a friend.  I cozied up in the arm chair with a peppermint mocha, anticipating an evening of laughter, good stories, and great ideas.  As I waited, I noticed a little family coming up to the door.  It was a mother and two small children, the smallest perhaps two-years-old.  They came to the door in a cluster, but before they could open it, the little girl (the two-year-old) cupped her hands around her face and peered in the window of the brightly lit store.  Though she was seconds from walking in and getting the full-on effect of the lights, the warmth, and the music that create the generally friendly and easy atmosphere of the coffee house, she couldn’t resist peeking inside in anticipation. 

That’s Christmas, isn’t it?  Excited little children, waiting for something amazing to happen.  Not sure where they’re going, but excited to get there.  Not sure what happens next, but ready for it to start.  Christmas:  It’s miracle and magic and everything wonderful. It’s the anticipation, and complete surprise, and the feeling you get when you know you’ve really made a difference in someone else’s life.  It’s why we do what we do here at the Foundation, and why we love our Fabulous Foundation Followers who make good things happen right here in Grant County.


You see, working at the Community Foundation is like working at the North Pole.  (And no, not because ¾ of the staff is under 5’1”.)  Like elves in Santa’s workshop, we are helping our generous donors give back to our community in a big, big way.  For instance, 250 children in Grant County will get a new pair of shoes for Christmas through Twin City We Care courtesy of Fabulous Foundation Followers-yeah, that’s you!  And that’s just one example of all the truly amazing things Fabulous Foundation Followers set in motion.  YOUput a new awning on the CSA building.  YOU restored the Quilters Hall of Fame.  YOU provided fresh produce for the hungry.  YOUprovided safe cribs for sleeping babies.  YOU introduced students to orchestra music.  Not to mention, YOU provided scholarships for nearly 300 students to pursue post-secondary education.  YOU’vebeen really busy this year!  (Check out our website to see all the things you’ve made possible this year.)  

So, as we finish this year, we look forward to next year.  Waiting for something amazing to happen.  Excited to get there.  Not sure what next year will bring, but ready for it to start!  Because at the North Pole, it’s always Christmas.  And at the Community Foundation, it’s always the season of giving.  We can’t wait to see what YOU do next year.  From all of us here at the Community Foundation, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


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