Third Path Cohort

Third Path Cohort

The Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc. challenged organizations to propose a plan that will deepen their relationship with another organization. The organizations selected will take part in a three-year capacity-building program with a grant component. This cohort style will not only provide opportunities for members to deepen relationships between their partnering organizations, but with all the organizations in the cohort, including the Community Foundation.

The concept of “third path” comes from the book Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. We’ve all experienced crises, some worse than others. Will we go back to “normal,” will we regress? Or will we use the opportunity to take the third path—one that leads from setback to resilience. The beauty and uniqueness of the Third Path Cohort Program comes from the support and capacity-building experiences provided to the grantees.

The organizations selected to participate in the 2021-23 Third Path Cohort include:

Carey Services to support the Carey Health Solutions program.

Hope House and College Wesleyan Church to build an outdoor community center with a basketball court pavilion.

Grant County Rescue Mission, and Thriving Grant County, Thriving Mill Township to complete renovations of the Resource Center at Mill Township’s kitchen and dining hall.

How to Apply:
Annual application updates will be open to current Third Path Cohort members on January 14th after completing the Design Thinking Session. Applications will close February 25th. The impact of the first round of Third Path grants will be assessed before announcing another round. Updates will be posted to our website.

Erin Slater
Certified Professional Coach
Intentional Consultants

Erin Slater is a former nonprofit CEO turned Certified Professional Coach. Her leadership experience hails from fifteen years at College Mentors for Kids, including six years as CEO. During her tenure as CEO, their team doubled the number of volunteers, staff, and revenue. At the same time, they implemented strategic fundraising strategies and worked collaboratively with the board and stakeholders to create a solid strategic direction for expansion. The organization received an Indiana Achievement Award as a tribute to the organization’s sustainability and garnered national attention after being highlighted on The Martha Stewart Show in 2009.

Erin and her husband David Slater launched Intentional Coaching + Consulting in 2013 to allow them to stay connected to community change through high impact consulting projects and nonprofit executive and leadership coaching. As a consultant, Erin has the unique ability to be authentic, intentional, relational, passionate and simultaneously achieve results in unprecedented ways. As a coach, she brings inspiration, attentive listening, understanding, belief, confidence, and commitment to the success of her clients.

Erin is a credentialed Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and received her Coaching and Energy Leadership Index Certifications through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Her passion is fueled by working with those who serve by bringing insights, recommendations, and experiences from herself and other leaders who have traveled the same path.

At home, she and her husband, David, have two kiddos, Ashton (15) and Soren (8), and they watch lots and lots of soccer.

Patrick Hughes
Organization Development Consultant

Patrick Hughes is an Organization Development Consultant who works with individuals, teams, organizations, and large-scale systems to assess where they are (current reality), where they want to be (desired future), and map out how to get there (gap). He brings passion and devotion when creating environments and experiences that generate space for reflection and analysis while fostering collaboration and maximizing performance. He is known for motivating, inspiring, and partnering with leaders to create lasting and sustainable change in our world. Whether leading a team-building experience, designing a retreat series, or leading large conferences, you will witness joy and energy forging the path.

Patrick completed his Masters of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) at American University. Prior to his higher education experiences, he first became immersed in group theory, leadership development, and experiential education while working in camp settings and leading high ropes courses.

When he isn’t working, you will find him running around with and after his four kiddos: Zach (10), Alex (7), Ben (7), and Emma (3).

Mindy Hightower King
President/CEO of Limelight Analytics

Mindy Hightower King has supported evaluation and measurement efforts for more than 80 different non-profit organizations, schools, foundations, and state and federal government agencies since 2000.

Prior to founding Limelight Analytics in 2015, Mindy served in research faculty positions at Indiana University (in the School of Education and in the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community) and was the Director of Research and Policy at the Indiana Youth Institute.

In addition to evaluation & measurement consulting work, Mindy holds adjunct teaching appointments in the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Hamilton-Lugar School of Global and International Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington. She regularly teaches courses on data visualization, program evaluation, and performance measurement.

Mindy’s approach to evaluation consulting begins with listening and learning from the client. Understanding each client’s perspectives, objectives, and expectations is critical to building a strong professional relationship where all parties can be candid and committed. Regardless of the client’s current capacity for evaluation and data collection, there is always an opportunity for learning and growth.

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