Today Years Old

By Dawn Brown

Today Years Old

Have you seen those funny memes online that say, ‘Tell me your age without telling me how old you are”?  They.  Are.  Hilarious!  Here are some of my faves:

        • I’m ‘I made ashtrays for my parents when I was in kindergarten’ years old.
        • I’m ‘I once ran through my house with a cassette tape looking for a pencil’ years old.
        • I’m ‘I didn’t have an iPhone and only had my imagination and crayons to occupy my time’ years old.
        • I am ‘OMG, my parents are the coolest because they just bought a VCR’ years old.
        • I’m ‘I went to concerts and held up my a lighter during the ballads’ years old.
        • I’m ‘When I was a kid, I was the remote control…and we only had 3 channels’ years old.
        • I’m ‘I jammed to 8-track tapes’ years old.


Oh, my goodness. The more of these I read, the more I crack up. And who doesn’t need a good laugh these days? It seems since Covid ‘happened’ that more people are outwardly meaner, grumpier, and operating without a civility filter than they were pre-pandemic. Are you sensing that, too? I’m not sure why that is, but it sure does make me want to put an extra dose of goodness, happiness, and all-around positive vibes out into the universe to counter-balance the madness.

We’ve tried to bring a bit of that joy into the Community Foundation in the past two weeks as well.  For instance, I’m ‘I used to buy Drumstick ice cream cones off the ice cream truck’ years old.  Everyone who has ever enjoyed a Drumstick knows that the very last bit of the cone is filled with chocolate.  I’m sure that was a functional choice so that melted ice cream wouldn’t just leak out of the bottom of the cone.  Kind of genius really. But besides being brilliant, it was THE BEST PART of the whole experience!  Well, maybe the second-best part.  The best part was buying a cold treat on a hot day from the ice cream man while his truck played horrible, out-of-tune ‘come and get it’ music just so you could gauge how close he was to being on your street in your neighborhood.  The louder the music, the closer he was to your house. It was an experience that simply can’t be beat!  But back to this chocolatey triangle of deliciousness—it was the bomb!  So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that they sell them.  No, I’m not talking about the Drumsticks, although don’t you want to go and buy a box now?  I’m talking about the chocolatey triangles of deliciousness!  I ordered them online…they’re called Muddy Bites. And they are ah-mazing!  It took me straight back to my childhood!  I’m sure I paid way too much for them, but I loved being a bit nostalgic and sharing some of those summertime memories with my team.

I know, I know, technically, it’s not summer anymore.  So, it’s not officially ice cream weather.  Although I know some of you readers would argue that it’s always ice cream weather.  But, here in Indiana, it’s what they call Second Summer—so, chocolatey triangles of deliciousness without the ice cream works for me!

Apparently, last week was also National Coffee Day.  I didn’t know that ahead of time—I didn’t find out until I got to the office. So, I offered to bring coffee back to the team after speaking about all of the amazing things the Community Foundation of Grant County does at a luncheon with the Kiwanis Club.  Well, according to the line at Starbucks, everyone else in our entire county knew it was National Coffee Day—the line was Rapunzel’s hair long!  But, they worked fast and I was back a the office with coffees in no time.  It was an espresso shot of happiness in our workday, to be sure!

We’ve also been taking the chance to listen to a new podcast called Where We Landed.  The Community Foundation just made a grant to the United Way to fund the launch of this new initiative.  This podcast just dropped and can be found anywhere you find podcasts—I use Spotify.

We like the concept of Where We Landed because it focuses on the amazing people in Grant County and their positive narratives.  There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the world—maybe that’s where the meaner, grumpier, filterless feelings are coming from.  But, not with this podcast.  It’s all about remarkable people doing incredible things right here in our very own community.

It reminds me of the Butterfly Effect where one small action leads to monumental consequences.  Well, there are many people in our county taking small, positive actions that can lead to big outcomes. Let’s all agree to be ‘today years old’ when we took the one small action to proactively start listening to and talking about these positive Grant County narratives.  Eat the ice cream.  Buy the coffee.  Listen to the podcast.  Maybe surrounding ourselves with layers of positivity will give us that same childlike feeling that we got when the ice cream truck music got louder and louder, until we knew it was in front of our house.  That was a great feeling—one we need more of these days.  Don’t you agree?

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  • Sherri
    Posted at 19:32h, 07 October Reply

    Yep…there’s good stuff going on! Let’s shout it!

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