Words….with Friends

Words….with Friends

I have a new favorite thing!  Some may call it a new addiction; I call it a new form of self-expression.  I have become completely engrossed in the game, Words with Friends.  I am constantly on my phone, plotting my next move, anticipating my opponent’s tiles, doing the math on how many points I get using two double letter squares versus one triple word square.  For those of you who have never played, Words is like Scrabble without the cheating.  The computer determines what is and what is not a word and it adds all the points for you.  I’ve learned words I never knew existed just by randomly placing tiles and hoping for the best.  I don’t know how long this obsession will last, but I do know that the word “obsession” can net a minimum of 11 points on unmarked squares.

Words are powerful.  On and off the board.  Shouted or whispered.  Coming out of one’s mouth with compassion or just a hint of sarcasm.  Even when they’re autocorrected in a text message and all of the sudden your mom thinks you’ve said something completely off the wall.  Words make a difference.  Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with a friend, or even a stranger, and at the end of it they say to you, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear?”  Or you’re reading a book and the author states something that resonates so powerfully in your heart that you feel like they know you?  When listening to music, often the lyrics can either make or break the song.  And the words in the greeting card make us buy it or put it back, no matter how cute the puppy is on the front.

Some of you Fabulous Foundation Followers may have noticed that around here, we’re big on words.  We have a celebration for our grant recipients every quarter called “Give Me Five” that encourages our grantees to use five words to describe their grant.  (You can see the pictures on Facebook or in our lobby.)  We love writing fund stories in our eNews and on our website.  Even the theme for our annual meeting last year was, “Words of Many Thanks.”  We know that the right words at the right time can make all the difference, and that’s why when you give a gift to the Foundation in honor of someone, we include your words of commemoration.  No more searching the card aisle for something that says “kind of” what you want it to say (with that cute puppy on the front).  When you make a donation to the Community Foundation, you can choose from over 300 funds that best represent your loved one’s passions, their name goes up on the Grant County Giving Tree, and we send a card in the mail that says what you’d like it to say.   Your words.  Your friends.

So, the next time you need to send a word of encouragement (18 points) or celebration (15 points), a personalized Community Foundation card is a great option (8 points)!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my game.

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