Glennis Douglass Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships for Oak Hill High School graduates attending an accredited college with a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Fund Story:
By: Nancy Boyer

1908-2007 Glennis Geneva Powell Douglass

“A family should never forget its history and heroic past. People who do not hold in reverence the resplendent achievements of their ancestry will not themselves accomplish anything worthy to be remembered by posterity. A person that does not now and then take a glance backward at the landmarks already past will not develop sufficient vision to see very far into the future. We must keep up the memories of yesterday if we would rock alright the cradle of tomorrow.” –Glennis Powell Douglass

The Glennis Douglass Grant County Memorial Scholarship fund of $20,000 was created by daughter Nancy (Douglass) Boyer and granddaughter Sue (Boyer) Dulmes as a tribute of respect to the life of their beloved mother and grandmother. Throughout her long life of 98 years, Mrs. Douglass was devoted to her most rewarding occupation, that of teaching her children. She began her career at the age of 19 after earning her teachers license at Indiana State Formal School later known as Ball Teacher College. She taught fifth and sixth graders in Converse for four years. This was during the Great Depression. Since she was preparing to get married, she would be out of work, for married teachers were not to be hired. Only $100 a month was a teacher’s pay at this time.

After earning her degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, Oak Hill called Mrs. Douglass to teach fifth grade where she remained for 25 years, after one year in Jackson Twp. and two years in Union Twp. for a total of 32 years.

In the words of a former student, many years later, “Mrs. Douglass was my mentor. Through her example and through her classroom demeanor, she taught all of her students values and life lessons, in addition to course instruction. As a former teacher myself, I know that I have stood strong for the values and life lessons that were instilled in me years ago by my fifth-grade teacher. Thank you Mrs. Douglass and may God richly bless you!” – Janet Oatess

After retiring from Oak Hill in 1969, she took on another project which was to move a log cabin from her father’s farm to her own backyard. It gave her great pleasure in reconstructing the cabin built around 1849. Born in 1908, her long life began in the final stages of the pioneer period and she witnessed the greatest changes of any era of time. Mrs. Douglass appeared in costume, entertaining many grade school children in her log cabin, telling them stories of pioneer times.

She strove to be a lifelong learner by being a voracious reader who stayed current on the happenings in our community, country, and world.

Fund Impact:
Tess Berglan-Shafer
Morgan Fuller
Janelle Green
Shelby Hipp
Erick Langhorn
Erik Longenecker
Tessa Shafer
Danielle Wood

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