Community Foundation Empowers 64 Local Nonprofits with Over $260K in Grants

Community Foundation Empowers 64 Local Nonprofits with Over $260K in Grants

In a significant boost to the local nonprofit sector, the Community Foundation of Grant County recently announced the distribution of more than $260,500 in grants to 64 deserving organizations. These grants were awarded from endowment funds established at the Foundation to serve as a vital resource for supporting charitable organizations across the community.

The grants were awarded from designated funds, tailored to provide essential operating support for specific nonprofit organizations. Whether established by the nonprofit or by compassionate donors, these funds signify a commitment to provide a permanent source of support for organizations and charitable causes that hold profound importance. This year’s designated fund grants range from approximately $260 to exceeding $27,000.

Each year, a portion of each fund’s growth is distributed through a grant and a portion is retained for continued growth. Earnings provide an additional source of annual income for the nonprofit organizations. Depending on the donor’s intent, the grants will be used for much-needed operating support or for a specific purpose within the organization(s).

As a result, they contribute significantly to the ongoing activities and missions of the recipient organizations. Dawn Brown, president and CEO of the Community Foundation, emphasized the foresight and dedication of both donors and nonprofits in fostering a sustainable future for the betterment of the community.

“For organizations and communities to thrive, it takes careful planning, investment, and vision,” Brown stated. “Through designated endowments, donors and nonprofits demonstrate a commitment to long-term impact. These funds and their grants will continue to enrich our region for generations to come.”

James Allbaugh, president and CEO of Carey Services expressed gratitude for the forward-thinking dedication of enthusiasts and supporters who established these endowment funds years ago to ensure the organization’s enduring positive impact in the community.

“Each year, our yearly distribution from the Community Foundation helps us to continue our mission – turning abilities into opportunities,” said Allbaugh.

The grants disbursed by the Community Foundation originate from a diverse array of funds, primarily endowments, established by individuals, families, and businesses. These funds aim to support a wide range of causes, including arts and culture, community development, education, health, and human services.

Endowments serve as a reliable resource for sustained support, offering a platform for receiving complex gifts, and safeguarding assets. Gifts to the Community Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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The Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc. is an advocate for local philanthropy and is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Grant County area. An effective steward of the community’s charitable resources since 1984, the Foundation works with donors to establish charitable funds and supports nonprofit organizations through a variety of grantmaking efforts. The Community Foundation connects people, resources, and causes to promote sustainable impact for the betterment of Grant County. Currently the Community Foundation holds over 400 charitable funds that support a variety of charities and charitable causes in Grant County. For more information, please visit or call 765-662-0065.

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