Three Local Crowdfunding Campaigns Officially Launch

Three Local Crowdfunding Campaigns Officially Launch

The Community Foundation of Grant County is excited to announce three crowdfunding campaign goals with East Central Indiana Robotics – PhyXTGears Team 1720 (PhyXTGears), Habitat for Humanity of Grant County (Habitat), and Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society (IMPS).

PhyXTGears launched their crowdfunding campaign on July 15th and aims to crowdfund $20,000 to prepare high school students for Indiana’s technology workforce through hands-on STEM training. PhyXTGears’ campaign will end September 13th at midnight. Learn more and donate online to support this campaign by visiting

Habitat launched their crowdfunding campaign on July 21st and aims to crowdfund $20,000 to provide a new 3-bedroom home for the Williams family. Habitat’s campaign will end September 19th at midnight. Learn more and donate online to support this campaign by visiting

IMPS launched their crowdfunding campaign on July 17th and aims to crowdfund $10,000 to showcase Indiana’s motorcycle history and preserve Marion’s “hog” heritage with a permanent exhibit. IMPS’ campaign will end September 15th at midnight. Learn more and donate online to support this campaign by visiting

The Foundation will track all charitable contributions made by donors for each campaign. If the organizations meet their fundraising goals, the Foundation will award them a dollar-for-dollar matching grant to complete their projects. Any amount raised over these goals will also be awarded to the organizations. If any of the organizations do not meet their goal by the deadline, they will not receive the matching grant. However, all donations raised will be awarded to the projects.


East Central Indiana Robotics Club – PhyXTGears Team 1720

The PhyXTGears (located in Matthews, IN) is unique in its mission, program implementation, and impact on young people in Grant County. There are few youth advancement programs at the high school level that specialize in STEM training through the use of robotics. Their program has proven to be very effective at equipping students for productive careers in technology.

Each year their team of mentors teach and guide students through the construction of a custom robot which is designed to perform specialized tasks. Their organization gives students hands-on technical skills in a safe and supportive environment that will help them be successful in life.

Their 5,000 ft2 facility is furnished with over $100,000 of capital equipment used for robot construction. This includes a wood shop, metal shop, CAD area, programming area, along with a classroom/meeting area, kitchen, and reception area.

PhyXTGears students come from multi-ethnic & multi-racial backgrounds, and about 1/4 of their students are female. The program draws from multiple schools, including homeschools, and is open to any student with an interest in robotics.

Their volunteer mentors are dedicated professionals who teach students in their respective areas of expertise. They cover metal fabrication, welding, woodworking, software development, electronics, CAD, 3D printing, graphic design, media communication, marketing and other skills. Students may gravitate toward a specific skill or move across several areas during their time at PhyXTGears.

“PhyXTGears is a community-based robotics team that emphasizes high-tech STEM learning and character development through building sophisticated, competitive robots,” said Shawn Van Ness, President of East Central Indiana Robotics. “There is no better environment for future workforce development than our PhyXTGears robotics team, where every one of our students can turn pro.”


Habitat for Humanity of Grant County

Habitat is a non-profit housing ministry. They build simple, affordable homes for families in need, and sell them at no profit. Since established in 1993, Habitat has helped 56 Grant County families achieve the dream of homeownership. Habitat’s long-term goal is to grow to a minimum of building two homes per year in Grant County.

With this campaign, Habitat will build the 57th new home for a partner family in 2023.  Habitat provides simple, safe & affordable homes with an interest free mortgage to partnering families.  These families, as well as the community, benefit from this program.  Habitat families live in a stable, affordable, and healthy environment, helping them better afford their daily needs as well as an increased potential to build future wealth.

“Habitat for Humanity of Grant County offers a hand up to families living in poverty, providing resources, opportunities & hope through safe, affordable housing with a zero percent mortgage,” said Lora Lacy, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Grant County.


Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society

The Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society is dedicated to showcasing Marion’s unique place in Harley-Davidson history, more than a century after the Cornfield Classic: Marion’s International Motorcycle Race. To accomplish this, they are embarking on a significant endeavor—the construction of a museum and motorcycle restoration shop. Their aim is to provide a space where motorcyclists and their families can come together to share their cherished motorcycle memories and deepen their understanding of these remarkable machines.

The museum space and restoration shop, encompassing approximately 3,000 square feet, will fulfill key functions including curation, display preparation, exhibits, and education. Their museum’s theme centers on motorcycles in Indiana, encompassing the vibrant culture and passionate community surrounding motorcycles in the Hoosier state, as well as pivotal historical events like the Cornfield Classic.

IMPS is enthusiastic about immortalizing Marion’s Cornfield Classic and sharing the tale of the Home of the Hog, and they eagerly anticipate how this effort will inspire the sharing of further connections to motorcycle history throughout Indiana.

“Indiana’s Motorcycle History and the permanent exhibit of Marion’s HOG heritage hold significant importance for Grant County,” said Loretta Tappan, IMPS Board Secretary. “This exhibit serves as a cultural landmark and a testament to the region’s rich heritage in motorcycle history. This exhibit showcases the unique contributions of Grant County, particularly Marion, to the world of motorcycles and their impact on the local community. By preserving and celebrating this history, Grant County gains a valuable asset that attracts visitors from far and wide. The exhibit not only brings in tourism revenue but also boosts the local economy by attracting motorcycle enthusiasts, history buffs, and curious travelers. It highlights Grant County as a destination that embraces its cultural roots and offers immersive experiences to its residents and visitors.”


The Community Foundation has a team of professionals that can assist individuals with any questions they may have regarding ways to meet their charitable goals. As a public charity, all gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible and may be directed to any number of qualified charities or charitable causes. Visit or call 765-662-0065 for more details.


About the Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc.

The Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc. is an advocate for local philanthropy and is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Grant County area. An effective steward of the community’s charitable resources since 1984, the Foundation works with donors to establish charitable funds and supports nonprofit organizations through a variety of grantmaking efforts. The Community Foundation connects people, resources, and causes to promote sustainable impact for the betterment of Grant County. Currently the Community Foundation holds over 400 charitable funds that support a variety of charities and charitable causes in Grant County. For more information, please visit or call 765-662-0065.


Community Foundation Contact:
Meagan Mathias, Community Foundation

Crowdfunding Participants Contact:
Shawn Van Ness, East Central Indiana Robotics
Phone: (765) 203-1720

Lora Lacy, Habitat for Humanity of Grant County
Phone: (765) 662-1552

Indiana Motorcycle Preservation Society
Phone: (765) 382-9376


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