Big Paper

Big Paper

We have some really big paper at the Community Foundation. It’s lovely and large at a full 11 X 17. We see it make an appearance when we have lofty ideas and need space to organize some equally lofty plans. These are ideas that a mere 8 ½ X 11 could never handle, even on its best day.

In fact, sometimes when we get stuck, we simply get the big paper out—it’s magnitude feels like sheer potential. Like anything is possible. That’s when it gets exciting! It’s like we know we’re on the cusp of something great–it’s just, that something great, hasn’t been born yet. Yet.

I guess artists probably feel like this a lot. They have ideas. They make something out of nothing. It’s magical how they sit down and invent something that’s never been seen, done, or heard of before. A blank slate. The clean white piece of paper just waiting to turn into something extraordinary. And all it needs is you. You and your wrinkly brain. You and the ideas you brought from a place you visited or lived. You and your memory from long ago and dreams for far from now. You and your willingness to pour whatever positive energy you have today into what Grant County can become tomorrow. Simply put, it needs you—and maybe a dash of Roxanne Roberts.

Roxanne Roberts is the author/artist who wrote these magnificent words that live in my head inspiring me and all the ways I can pour into this place that I call home.

With reverence to the author, what if we applied that same concept to our community?

You have a chance to add some color to Grant County’s can of white paint. It’s your turn to be a part of the solution. Next Tuesday, June 25th from 8:00 – 10:30 at Ivy Tech’s Conference Center Auditorium, we invite you to join us as the Indiana Communities Institute (ICI) at Ball State University and Creative Insight Community Development (CICD) come back to Grant County to present their findings from several Community-wide Listening Sessions conducted in March and April.

This Data Review presentation will define our County’s Vision. Don’t you think Grant County deserves to have a Vision? Something proactive to work toward versus something reactive that works us. A targeted plan (think of a bullseye), that puts greatness in our future. However, as Jim Collins so eloquently pointed out in his book Good to Great, good is the enemy of great. And while there are many good things happening in Grant County each week, they’re not great. They aren’t currently directed toward helping us achieve an intentional-we-decided-it-it’s-gonna-happen Vision; thus, those good things will never be great things. And that’s unfortunate, because there are a ton of amazing people using their resources—time, money, energy—on good things right now. Wouldn’t it be remarkable if those resources could be redirected toward a strategic vision?

That’s why we invited ICI and CICD to come to Grant County.  At the Listening Sessions, the Strategic Vision experts from ICI and CICD listened to us as connected and concerned community members. Next Tuesday, it’s our turn to listen to the experts who have already aggregated the data we provided to them. They’ll outline what top objectives we should focus our resources on. And then it will be our turn, as a County, to use our collective resources to tackle the specific objectives. Inch-by-inch. Bit-by-bit. It will be our turn to leverage that data into action as Visioneers.

Ever heard of a Visioneer? A Visioneer is someone with a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.

We’ll discover next Tuesday the clear picture of what we could do; we need your conviction to help us to make it so. If you love where you live, you need to make it a priority to attend this monumental meeting in the history of Grant County.

Chronic complainers are a dime a dozen. In fact, they are the opposite of a Visioneer. They never have a clear picture of what we could do and certainly don’t dig into data to learn more. And they’re fueled with contention, not conviction. These negative people often hide behind their keyboards and can find a problem for every solution. Let ‘em.

We’ll be learning about our Countywide Vision and discovering how we can work together, with targeted intention, to make this community better for us now and the next generation. All Visioneers welcome. And, bring your visionary friends.

RSVP here today to join us on Tuesday, June 25th from 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. at the Ivy Tech Conference Center Auditorium. 


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