Crowdfunding Campaign Goals Exceeded

Once again proving why our community is the third most generous county in the State of Indiana with $84,120 raised to support the betterment of Grant County.

Crowdfunding Campaign Goals Exceeded

(Marion, IN – July 26, 2021) The Community Foundation of Grant County is excited to announce both crowdfunding campaign goals launched back in May of 2021 exceeded their goals. Habitat for Humanity of Grant County (Habitat) and Community School of the Arts (CSA) launched their campaigns on May 17th.

Crowdfunding is when a large group of people pool their resources together to support a worthy charitable cause. Every donation helped in meeting these crowdfunding goals. And all donations raised will be awarded to these projects to support their missions.

Habitat exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $20,000 by raising $25,660 from community contributions. Combined with $20,000 in matching dollars from the Foundation this makes a total of $45,660 to support the construction of a new Habitat home in Grant County.

CSA exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $15,000 by raising $23,460 from community contributions. Combined with $15,000 in matching dollars from the Foundation this makes a total of $38,460 to save community theatre in Grant County through the acquisition of the Marion Civic Theatre.

Together, in just two months, Grant County donors contributed $49,120 to these two crowdfunding campaigns. With matching dollars from the Foundation, this makes a total of $84,120 raised to support the betterment of Grant County through these efforts.

“The generosity of each crowdfunding donor leaves me humbled and grateful” said, Meagan Mathias, Community Investment Manager at the Community Foundation. “Both campaigns were grassroots efforts that highlight two very important causes in Grant Couty. Zaniethia and her family will now have a home to call their own, where they can build equity and new memories. Local thespians will now continue to develop their craft, and patrons will be inspired by the talents of their neighbors. I am immensely proud of Habitat and CSA for their dedication to the community and the vision of seeing the possibility in Grant County, and bringing it to fruition. I am honored that Habitat and CSA chose the Community Foundation to come alongside them for the betterment of Grant County.”

The Foundation tracked all charitable contributions made by donors for each project. Both crowdfunding goals were met by the deadline of July 16th and all donations plus the matching funds will be awarded to each campaign.

Habitat for Humanity of Grant County
The main goal of the Habitat campaign was to raise funds to be used for Habitat’s Homeownership Program, and specifically the 55th home build in Grant County.

Habitat is a non-profit housing ministry. They build simple, affordable homes for families in need, and sell them at no profit. Since established in 1993, Habitat has helped 54 Grant County families achieve the dream of homeownership. Habitat’s long-term goal is to grow to a minimum of building two homes per year in Grant County.

To the donors and partners of the Crowdfunding Campaign, Brittany Howey, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity says, “Habitat is once again blown away by the support received from the Grant County community and the Community Foundation. Habitat’s mission is further accomplished by building this home as there is a lasting impact for the family and the community which perpetuates hope. Other families in similar circumstances see homeownership as attainable. We know that we are building more than roofs and walls for our partner homeowners. Instead, we see a Habitat home as a foundation for a better, more stable future for homeowners and their families. We are so grateful for the continued support that makes homeownership a reality for our neighbors.”

Community School of the Arts (CSA)
The goal of the CSA campaign was to expand programming to include community theatre, which is a tool for problem solving and sparking creative thinking among patrons and participants. While Grant County has a long history in community theatre, organizations such as the Marion Civic Theatre (MCT), in operation for more than 65 years, are unable to keep the doors open after COVID-19. CSA will immediately take on the cost of maintaining the facility, and administrative duties. CSA values the longtime investment into the theatre space in which MCT operates and hopes to continue the valuable work that MCT has done to improve quality of life through theatre enrichment programming-to those involved in the productions and the many patrons that have supported them.

CSA provides arts education and enrichment in Grant County, and in the past seven years has expanded theatrical programming. CSA provides opportunity for challenging norms and diversity in storytelling with plays in October, December, February, and April, as well as a July summer camp and performance, and a large musical.

“The generosity of this community and the support of the Community Foundation of Grant County have been tremendous throughout this crowdfunding process, and every dollar donated and matched is a statement of support for the value of community theatre in Grant County. CSA is eager to make the much-needed updates to the James Dean Memorial Theater, improving the beautiful downtown building and the technical quality of performance, as well as the continuation of such treasured volunteer-driven community theatre programming. This would not be possible without the support of each of the donors, the Community Foundation of Grant County, the CSA Board of Directors and staff, and the faithful members of the community that have long-served the Marion Civic Theatre.” said Katie Morgan, Executive Director of CSA.

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About the Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc.
The Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc. is an advocate for local philanthropy and is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Grant County area. An effective steward of the community’s charitable resources since 1984, the Foundation works with donors to establish charitable funds and supports nonprofit organizations through a variety of grantmaking efforts. The Community Foundation connects people, resources, and causes to promote sustainable impact for the betterment of Grant County. Currently the Community Foundation holds over 400 charitable funds that support a variety of charities and charitable causes in Grant County. For more information, please visit or call 765-662-0065.


Meagan Mathias, Community Foundation

Brittany Howey, Habitat for Humanity
Phone: 765-662-1552

Katie Morgan, Community School of the Arts
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