Press Release: Strengthening Grant County

Nonprofit Leadership Consortium Graduates 30 Trained Fundraising Leaders

Press Release: Strengthening Grant County

The Nonprofit Leadership Consortium was designed as a cohort experience in which all 30 participants gained leadership development training and earned their Certificate in Fundraising Management (CFRM) while building strong professional relationships with others in their field.

The United Way of Grant County and the Community Foundation of Grant County were proud to underwrite the Consortium as funding partners and offer career-changing curriculum through IU’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Harris International. Participants examined leadership development and team building techniques while increasing their understanding of the total fundraising process through the principles and techniques taught in this program.

This initiative proved firsthand the power of collaboration by bringing the Consortium directly to Grant County and to these professionals at a substantially reduced rate. Grant County is now armed with 30 trained fundraisers that know each other and are comfortable collaborating when new challenges or opportunities arise.

The Consortium produced a professional network of like-minded individuals that are not only dedicated to ethical fundraising but also willing to support, encourage, and care for each other. Participants were united in the idea that they were attending the Consortium not for the sake of their organizations but for the sake of creating a thriving Grant County. It was evident that Grant County citizens will benefit from the work being done at each organization—from performing arts and museums to neighborhood associations and education initiatives.

The Consortium met every month August 2018 – May 2019. One participant noted upon the course’s conclusion: “Thank you for opening the world of philanthropy to us.” There really is no better reward than empowering leaders like this to harness philanthropy to make their community a better place for all people to live.

Commencement for the Nonprofit Leadership Consortium took place on May 14, 2019.

30 Trained Fundraising Leaders: Jeanelle Artherhults, CFRM, Family Service Society; Rick Berbereia, CFRM, Grant County Rescue Mission; Amanda Bugos, CFRM, The Ark Christian Ministries; Bruce Cameron, CFRM, The Ark Christian Ministries; Dr. Colleen Derr, CFRM, Wesley Seminary; Dr. Connie Erpelding, CFRM, Prairie Lakes Church; Greg Fiebig, CFRM, Hoosier Shakes; Jennifer Fox, CFRM, Indiana Wesleyan University; Dana Gault, System of Care; Deb Geyer, CFRM, The Quilters Hall of Fame; Susie Hall, CFRM, Habitat for Humanity of Grant County; Joel Hunt, CFRM, Wesley Seminary; Kayla Johnson, CFRM, City of Marion; Shelly Jones, CFRM, Community Foundation of Grant County; Dr. Abson Joseph, CFRM, Wesley Seminary; Sherry Loshnowsky, CFRM, Marion Utilities/H20 Community; Greg Maynard, CFRM, Carey Services; Brenda Morehead, CFRM, Project Leadership; Tammy Pearson, CFRM, Project Leadership; Heidi Peterson, CFRM, Main Street Marion; Mary Prows, CFRM, The Training Center; Mackenzie Ritchie, CFRM, Howe Military Academy; LeeAnna Smith, CFRM, Grant County Rescue Mission; Kyle Strohman, CFRM, YMCA of Grant County; Riley Tangeman, CFRM, Marion Housing Authority; Lisa Taylor-Weaver, CFRM, TCC Gives; Robby Tompkins, CFRM, LifeStream Services; Cathy Weatherspoon, CFRM, Thriving Families, Thriving Grant County; Rocky Whitehead, CFRM, Cancer Services of Grant County; and Aaron Wilkinson, CFRM, Wesley Seminary


Dawn Brown, Community Foundation of Grant County, (765) 662-0065
Alicia Hazelwood, United Way of Grant County, (765) 662-9811

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