I got a wicked sinus infection last week that had me down for the count all weekend.  I only tell you this as a mild excuse for binge-watching the entire first season of Fuller House on Netflix on Saturday.  Uncle Joey with his ‘cut it out’ line, Uncle Jessie’s ‘have mercy’ mantra, and Stephanie’s ‘how rude’ refrain gave me the nostalgia feels. Maybe it was because the show aired before I had either a car payment or a wwkd1mortgage, but times seemed simpler then.  The humor, innocent; the jokes, corny.  Times were simpler. As kids we would play outside all day long in the summertime…ALL DAY LONG.  The rule was that we had to be home when the street lights came on and even then we’d negotiate to play just a little bit longer.  I remember well coming home hot and sweaty, lathering up in a hot bath, putting on cool PJ’s, and filling a Dixie cup with precisely counted M&M’s as our snack while we watched the Donny and Marie variety show—she was a little bit country; he  was a little bit rock and roll.  We really knew how to squeeze every ounce of opportunity out of life before we started adulting.  We lived life like it was a verb, because it was.


wwkd2I also recall spending far too many hours back-in-the-day playing Frogger.  Do you remember that game?  The object was to use the 4-direction joystick to navigate several frogs from one side of the road to either their homes or their death due to the heavy, fast-moving, 465-like traffic.  This game was not relaxing!  The stress to get the frogs to their respective lily pads instead of straight-up roadkill was anxiety-inducing.  But, wwkd3with a pinch of practice, a smidgen of smarts, a dash of daring, and a tad bit of tenacity, you could rapidly approach George Costanza level scores on this classic game—if you were bold enough to leap.  Standing on the shoulder and waiting for the traffic to clear or the barriers to be removed won’t get you to your destination.  And in life, we’re not mere spectators, we’re active participants.  We must leap! Thus, the reason I’m wishing you all a Happy Leap Year!


Yes, 2016 is officially a leap year.  And, I’m so thankful my favorite blogger, Seth Godin, taught me that leap year is simply a great time to remind everyone in your sphere of influence to leap!  No more status quo.  Leap!  No more giving up!  Leap!  No more ‘it’s always been done that way’.  Leap!  Seth says, “If you want to make change happen, if you want to give others a chance to truly make a difference and to feel alive, it’s essential that you encourage, cajole and otherwise spread the word about what it means to Leap.”  Wow!  As my friend Jack always says, “That’ll preach!”  Indeed it will.   Because it’s not just about remembering to leap ourselves; it’s also about inspiring others to leap along with us.

So, it’s not just a leap year, it’s our year to Leap.  Celebrate with us by using the remainder of the year to genuinely wish each other a Happy Leap Year—then tell them how you’re leaping and embolden them to leap like it’s their job…because it is.  The fact is, as silly as this is to say, four years from now we’ll be four years older.  And those four years can be used standing on the sidelines, dragging our feet from one Friday to the next, or intentionally leaping to a world of possibilities.  Ask yourself…WWKD…What Would Kermit Do?  Kermy really does know a thing or two about leaping.  (How else would he score a hot chick like Miss Piggy?)  It’s not easy being green, but it doesn’t take an army of frogs to see that every time a frog leaps, they’re always moving forward. Happy Leap Year, friends.

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